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Lately, different people on Forums include asked me how I’ve gained as a result various App Nana factors on the iPhone app termed App Nana / App Enjoyment! I’ve decided to share a blog page post on exactly how it was done by me step by step! I’ve referred 120+ persons since joining App Nana, which has earned me 300,000+ points in total! That’s 120+ persons x 2,500 things per referral!

Perfectly, here’s my key… I’m kidding, it’s not likely actually a key to making App Nana details. You simply contain to improve your code on every social networking account you own personal, discover several other App Nana people and exchange limitations and download and opened apps. Consistency is key with this iPhone app! These happen to be the perfect methods that you should acquire extra App Nana things:

Share your code on Twitter and Facebook at least 1x every complete hour. (I recommend that you download the Hootsuite iphone app or sign up to to pencil in your twitter posts)
Create a blog page to inform persons how App Nana is effective. (There will be more than a few free blogging programs to create sites and weblog posts like,, Tumblr.wordPress or
Generate a YouTube training video to show many people about App Nana (You can add more your webpage, your code and a short training in the video. Signal up at
Blog your code in message boards.
Bring your blog page to Auto plus Instructions Traffic Return Sites, Web 2 . free nanas on appnana Media Exchange Sites, Email Marketing Sites, Banner and text Ad Sites and to Social Networking Sites. (This allows persons from across the world to see your weblog and possibly sign up. Someone will often look at your blog page content about App Nana due to much time as you stay lively on the many different courses that you enroll in.)
Suggestions for Choosing An important Headline for Your Blog, Blog page Put up or YouTube Video!

Get convinced that you select an attractive headline that allures potential site visitors! In this article happen to be some fantastic good examples:

“How To Obtain Amazon online marketplace Gift Cards For Free”
“How To Obtain PayPal Money For Free of charge”
“How To Acquire iTunes Gift Cards For 100 % free”
“How To Acquire iPhone Activities For 100 % free”
“How To Receive Minecraft For Free” (Minecraft is normally a well-known video game)
“How To Acquire an Xbox For No cost”

You can generate a innovative video and inform people how they can get issues for free. How App Nana Gets results! This program is extremely simple to use. There’s only 3 rules: 1) Download programs plus watch short videos 2) Open applications that are download. Then return to the application to earn the points. 3) Redeem accumulated points for $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $50 Amazon surprise cards/ PayPal cash plus $10, $15 plus $50 iTunes present cards.

On this iPhone app software, you download apps, sign up for offers and watch application videos for points known as nanas also. This app has 6 sections labeled as:

Nana Offers you 1 (benefit 1500 nanas)
Nana Has 2 (value 600 to 6000 nanas)
Nana Presents 3 (worthy of 24 to 7456 nanas)
Nana Offers 4 (worth 30 to 12,000 nanas)
Nana Has 5 (price 57 to 2,100 nanas)
Nana Supplies 6 (well worth 46 to 33,000 nanas)

The rules are really simple for this scheduled program. Once you download the apps, they happen to be opened by you. When you log back into the App Nana app, your points get added to your account. If you desire to have portion in this program you can follow this hyperlink or type App Nana or App Fulfillment+ in the app store. Now that you download the app, type in your info and bring my invite code e39567, we both can acquire 2500 things. You own to wait around 48 a lot of time to obtain you Rain forest gift card code.

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