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Free street to redemption is one of the 100+ missions on San Andreas. It is associated with three important characters. If you have played the overall game then you know that the San Andreas city is very big and the builders have divided it in many parts. Some of the main parts of town are Mis Santos, Country-side, Las Suerte, Los Angeles and Angel Pinus radiata.

You execute different issues in the preceding parts. These types of three are central people in the game. Ken Rosenberg, Salvatore Leone and Carl Johnson are those three central personas.

Ken gives you a task called as 'The Meat company. After completing that, you get a call up from Tom cruise. He invites you to Salvatore's place. Redentore is one of the prosperous businessmen for GTA San Andreas. And Ken may be a lawyer and he will work for Leone.

So , if you would like to attempt Free-fall then you be required to finish 'Meat business'. After this, visit the Caligula Palace. Inside this building, reach the Caligula Gambling establishment. And generally there you have to stand in a red cylindrical gun to start Free of charge Fall objective of GTA San Andreas game.

You trigger a good cut scene of Free Street to redemption. And in that seen, you will see Salvatore hitting two guys for committing some criminal offense. Though he could be a criminal, he would not spare any sort of crime. The person ties individuals two men upside down and he orders Ken going to them.

Then a woman named as 'Maria' enters the space. Maria delivers some eatables for Salvatore. He humor with her and teases her. Then she creates the room. Following this, the leading part of GTA San Andreas game goes in. Carl relates himself to be a 'straight killer'. Also, this individual tells Leone that he has worked with Leone's son Joey. Which alliance was in Liberty City.

Ken, who is sitting there, good remarks Carl and calls him a 'one man army'. The employer of Caligula casino listens to tells. And the two ken and Carl enlighten the supervisor. The employer gives Rutherson a task which is the aim of Freefall.

There is a team named Corelli and that people is a staunch opponent in Leone relatives. Corelli's are sending some killers to murder Leone. But Leone is more brilliant and the guy sends Carl to destroy all those hit persons.

As the free-fall mission moves on, you have to kill all the predators and then you must fly your plane. After that, you have to acquire the plane in airport to finish free fall season challenge in GTA San Andreas.

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